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You might think, how much is a tattoo in Bali. Pricing is a little complex if we speak for an artwork. here we will explain how is the process of determining tattoo prices so that you can understand how it works and what are the important factors for determining tattoo prices in Kuta Bali.

Bali tattoo prices | Getting to know the process

Some people who come to our tattoo shop already know what they want, but some people don't. Therefore we are very open if you want consult about the idea of ​​the tattoo you want to make. You can contact us via facebook messenger, email or even better if you can come to our tattoo shop. That way you will understand more about the process of making your tattoo and it will make you more calm.

After you decide to make a tattoo in our tattoo shop, you will need to make a deposit, then our tattoo artist will do the design accordingly what do you want. We will make drafts, sketches and all the things needed to achieve the best results for your tattoo. When you agree with that the design that we made, then the tattoo process will begin.

How do we charge?

Because there are too many factors when deciding on a tattoo price, sometimes this makes things a little confusing. But will try to explain easily how we determine the price of a tattoo. Most importantly, we specify the price according to the design. The most important thing in determining the price of a tattoo is size, the size of a tattoo is often our main factor in determining prices. besides that a tattoo style can also distinguish prices, if you make small tattoos but with complex details it will take longer to make.

The next important point that affects the price of making a tattoo is the position of the tattoo. If you make a tattoo on the stretch skin like in the part stomach, the difficulty will be high. With a higher level of difficulty, the time needed to make tattoos is more. That's why consultation is needed to make the best tattoo for you.

Price List

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Hygiene and Cleanliness

We only use the best ink and disposable needles imported from the USA for our tattoo shop. At a very reasonable price and much cheaper compared to western countries, the price of our tattoos is very worth. We adopt western hospital sterilization standards for all tattoo tools in our tattoo shops because safety in the tattoo process is the main thing so that the tattoo result will be perfect.