Bali Famous Ink is an international tattoo studio. Being professional, we are strict to cleanliness and hygiene.
We use brand new, hospital-sterilized, disposable needles, gloves, ink and tools will be zapped with ultrasonic treatment and autoclave on an everyday basis. We are the best tattoo shop on Bali with extremely talented tattoo artists. Give us a shout to get your best tattoo in Bali.

Studio Location

Black Grey Tattoo

Thinking about the story in your life and then decide what you want for your skin story. Forever with the best tattoo artist in Bali. Great people great ink great life.

Realistic Tattoo

Color Tattoo

For my family, yeah we always make people come as a customer and leave as a family.

Balinese Tattoo

We are one of the best tattoo shop that is really good on Balinese tattoo. Check our real review bellow before making appointment with us.

Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoo require special skill working on straight line and we can work on any kind of tattoo style you like.

Chicano Tattoo

Most trusted and extremely experienced tattoo artist in Bali we have the expert on realism Chicano tattoo.

Fine Line Tattoo

Bali Famous Ink is located at Legian Kuta Bali which is really close to Seminyak and Canggu. We have special artist that is really good on doing fine line / line work tattoo.

Tattoo Timelapse